1) How long does the building process take to complete?

Build time is largely dependent on the location, size and fit-out specification of the home. Built time commences when all approvals are in hand and all documentation complete.

  • Single Storey Range from 7 to 9 months
  • Double Storey Range from 10 to 12 months.

2) How long has Benchmark been in business?

Benchmark has been under current management since 1993. We started off as designers in 1993, followed up design/construct work in 1999.

3) Approximately how many homes do the company build per year?

We work on approximately 60 individual construction projects per annum. This capacity allows us to offer individualised service.

We strongly believe in self reliance and reducing external dependencies to maintain build times, quality and service. For that operate our own manufacturing processes and trade processes in the production of Cabinets and Aluminum Window joinery.

4) Beside the design range offered, can Benchmark  refine the design to suit our specific need, budget and block?

Yes. Our strength is in our ability to custom design and build custom homes. All the homes that we build are either individually designed, or a variation of our standard range. We have an extensive range of both the single and double-storey homes to choose from.

5) Will Benchmark build to my plans?

Yes. We can quote on plans developed by other designers. We do however insist that the copy-right of the design is property of the client. If our bid is successful, we may arrange to do the working drawings in-house to ensure that we iron out any structural type issues that may be inherent to the plan.

6) What are the geographic boundaries?

We focus our activity to the Perth Metro area.

  • South – Mandurah (Dawesville Cut)
  • North – Yanchep
  • East – foothills.

If the site is outside of the designated area we assess location in terms of our supply chain and availability of sub-contractors.

Subject to project size and other projects in the vicinity, we may work beyond these zones. Please feel free to enquire. We will seriously consider all viable projects.

7) What are the suitable block sizes for a resort style courtyard homes?

We do not believe that there is such thing as a standard block. Our design team can develop designs to suit most blocks. We have broad experience and can build on standard conventional lots, irregular shaped lots, sloping blocks, corner lots, cottage, strata, city and rural blocks.

8) What is your strength?

Our strength is in turning quality designs into reality. Our designs are always unique and exciting, yet are pragmatic and functional.  Our broad construction capability gives us practical insights that supports the design effort. With well defined parameters and a realistic budget, we can streamline the design and construction process to deliver effective outcomes.


Our niche or core business is courtyard and resort style homes. We place a strong emphasis on the integration and blending of the indoor and outdoor areas to create usable space. In regards to cottage lots, we are able to extract the maximum out of the limited lot size and to develop a layout that will offer livable indoor and outdoor space.

9) Does the company have experience in building environmental sustainable or energy efficient homes?

Yes. We are passionate about sustainable development. We have been activity involved over the past ten years in sustainable projects. Our latest Venture is the the Eco-Vision project for the City of Wanneroo. Please refer to our detailed policy and sustainability feature included in this web-site.

10) Can you assist us with demolition and sub-dividision?

Whilst we can assist in this regard, we find that it is far more cost effective for the prospective client to arrange for demolition/salvage. We will recommend a number of demolition contractors that will quote on the works. If requested, we will undertake demolition on behalf of the client.

Subdivision can be handled in a number of ways and depends largely on the specific nature of the block and where it is located. We can also assist in this regard with advice and can recommend qualified surveyors.

11) Can owners provide/nominate their own sub-contractor, or provide their own materials to complete works?

Owners can nominate a sub-contractor, however we need to be assured that they are qualified/licensed and competent to do the work. They will need to be engaged by the company to do the work via a normal works contract. In this instance, they will be covered under our work insurance cover.

It is our strict company policy not to permit access for owner or owner engaged personnel to work independently on the site during our possession.

This presents major legal exposure to our operation. Work that is not directly supervised and paid for by the company is not covered under workers compensation, public liability and contract works insurances.

In regards to supply of client purchased material, we allow this under tight controls. By agreement, material has to be supplied in the correct quantity and on time as dictated by the builder’s schedule. Client supplied material is not covered by the builder’s insurance cover. Our warranty also does not extend to these items.

12) Are site-works included?

Site works are presented in a site works schedule that is added to the base price. Items that cannot be quantified at the time of contract are included as provisional sums allowance. Prior to site start, we attempt to quantify the majority of these items and advise the client.